Level Skill Name Spellbook Skill Level Skill Type MP HP SP Cost Description
76 Balance Life 1 Magical 123 0 6,250,000 Equalizes HP of all party members.

Range: 0

76 Health 1 Passive 0 0 6,250,000 Increases resistance to poison and Bleed attacks by 20.

Range: 0

76 Sigil Mastery 1 Passive 0 0 6,250,000 When a Sigil is equipped, increases heal power by 30 and MP Recovery Bonus by 17%.

Range: 0

76 Wisdom 1 Passive 0 0 6,250,000 Increases resistance to Hold, Sleep and Mental attacks by 20.

Range: 0

1x Holy Pormander - Cardinal

*Skill Transfer can be learned through the usual class trainer NPC's. One Holy Pomander is required to learn each skill. Holy Pomander is received as a 3rd class change quest reward.

*Skills acquired through this means can be removed by a skill trainer for 10,000,000 adena. The Holy Pomander spent on the skill will be returned when the skill is removed.

*Some skills acquired through Skill Transfer can be enchanted.

*Subclassed healers can also take advantage of Skill Transfer as long as they meet the requirements.

--You can view available skills by selecting Skill Transfer in the level selection menu--
To the Top    25,000,000 skill points (SP) is needed to learn all level 76 skills    To the Top