Recipes has been updated to Freya.
Added the new recipes and the missing "Leather" recipe.

When you now search for recipes in the search field, it will search through all recipes and not just one specific category.


Armor lists has been updated to Freya :-)

L2Tax disabled

L2Tax has been temporary disabled until the server merges are completed.

Freya launch updates

New skills added to the list
All skill descriptions updated to Freya

Added all new weapons
Made some minor corrections in soul crystal stage required for Icarus weapons
Verified gemstone requirements with the Korean power wiki

Added all jewels that was added with the Freya update.

I may not be able to get the armors added before Freya goes live, but they will be up within 24-48 hours.

Server status updated

The server status is now up and running again after the server move and I also included some more servers.

Now you can see the status of the:
Live patch server
Live login server
All live servers
PTS patch server
PTS login server
PTS server

The status gets updated every 5 minutes after you hit refresh in your browser or F5 on your keyboard.

A big thanks to all donators

The bandwidth limit for each month has been increased to 50GB (from 30GB) thanks to those that has been donating so far.

Average bandwidth usage per month for 2010 so far is 46GB so the upgrade was much needed.

Again a big thanks to all donators.

Class comparison is back

After a complete re-write, the class comparison is back.

Class comparison alows you to compare the skills between 2 classes.
Right now it will display skills only for the class that you have chosen. Example:
Choosing the class Bishop does not include skills from the Human Mystic and Cleric classes. In a future update you will be able to include all skills (Bishop, Cleric, Human Mystic).
You may have to hit F5 or "Refresh" in your browser to get the link to the Class comparison in the menu.

Minor updates/changes

The rest of the armors (Masterwork/Common/PvP) will be delayed. I have no eta on when I will get them up, but I hope to have them up there by the end of this month.

The weapons and jewels sections has been given a grade selector so you don't have to scroll through all the grades to get to the one that you want to view.

The clan skills section has been completly re-writen and it's now posible to select the castle/fortress that you want to view the residential skills for.
You may have to hit F5 or "Refresh" in your browser to get the new links to the clan skills in the menu.

All fortress residential skills has been added/corrected and also thanks to khanrhy and jimmy89 from elliebelly.net, I have been able to add/correct all castle residential skills. You can find their work here, they have done a great job translating the Korean powerwiki.

Armors are here!

The long wait is over.
A full list of regular armors and armor sets has been added to the site.
You can view the page by going here.

Please note that there may be some bugs in that section, if you spot any then please send me a PM (Rohirrim) on the official forum with as much details as posible along with the URL that you have in your browser when the bug occurs. That will speed up the process of fixing the bugs

Masterwork armors will be added within 7 days and Common/PvP armors will soon follow

You may have to hit F5 or "Refresh" in your browser to get the new links in the menu.

Update: Thanks to Keeks from elliebelly.net, I have been able to add all unsealing costs for dynasty and vesper armors. You can find his work here, he has done a great job translating the Korean powerwiki.

Minor changes

It has been a while since I last wrote here so it's time for a little update.
I have completely re-written the skill site so that it loads faster and makes linking to specific things easier.
Please update your bookmarks if you have direct links to the old links.
The re-write also makes it faster and easier to maintain the lists.
Also the work on getting the armors added to the site has started, I hope to have them added by the time Freya will hit the PTS.

You may have to hit F5 or "Refresh" in your browser to get the new links in the menu.

Update 20/05/2010: Made some small bug fixes, corrected some skill point values, removed skills that has been taken out and corrected the Sigil matery for the various classes.

Territory war weapons added

Weapons that you can get thru territory war has been added.

Jewels added

All jewels has been added.

Common, normal, shadow, masterwork, epic, pvp and territory war jewels has been added in their own categories for easy viewing.

So head over to the jewel section in the library and enjoy :-)

Weapons updated/added

All weapon lists has been updated and all weapons (minus some quest weapons and weapons that are obtainable thru territorial wars) has been added.

The update includes the missing category listed as Etc as well as PvP and shadow weapons. Also the user interface has been altered to make it easier to view the weapon details and to allow room for Soul Crystals and Gemstones for each Special Ability to be listed. Because of the new user interface, you will need to update any bookmarks you may have to the weapon section.

All weapons stats, special ability and soul crystal/gemstones needed has been cross checked one at a time with the Korean lists so they should be 100% accurate.

So head over to the weapon section in the library and enjoy :-)

Recipes updated

All recipes has been updated to match with the current recipes on the PTS so they should be 200% accurate unless there are some errors on the current PTS.

New recipes has been added in all catergories including all the 100% recipes for A grade and up even though those are only used on the PTS.

Enjoy :-)

Skill lists (update)

The skills that the 3 healers can take from each other has been added in the skill lists.

You need to select the 3rd class of the healer you want to check the skills on and then select "Skill Transfer" in the menu next to the level selector.

Enjoy :-)

Skill lists

Gracia Epilogue (Gracia+) skills has been added and skill descriptions has been updated with the ones on the public test server (PTS).

I will update the descriptions as they get updated on the PTS and on the live server when that time comes.

Thanks all

Due to several requests from many players, I will update the site to the latest patch (Gracia Epilogue or Gracia+) during PTS time and publish the updates on the day it goes live.

I want to thank all the players that has sent me e-mails, private messages and in game mail for your support and you have made me have second thoughts about quiting Lineage2 so who knows maybe my accounts will remain active for a little longer.

Skill lists updated

All skills has been updated with the new skill descriptions that were added during this weeks (14/07/2009) server maintenance.

Class comparison update

You can now view the skill descriptions by hovering your mouse above the skill icons

Skill lists updated

All skills has been updated with the new skill descriptions that were added during this weeks (30/06/2009) server maintenance.

Also range of most skills has been added.

Class comparison

The missing materials needed to craft some of the S grade armors has been added.

But the true announcement here is a brand new feature:

Class Comparison

It lets you compare two classes fast and easy making it easier to choose between two similar classes or to check if some other class has similar skills to your own class.

The descriptions for each skills will be added in the near future.

Vesper weapons - UPDATE

I noticed that the special abilities that was listed for the Vesper weapons where completly wrong.
The faulty descriptions has been updated and corrected as well as some of the names of the Vesper weapons.

You can view them in the weapon list under normal weapons.

Dual Daggers added

Dual Daggers has been added to the weapon lists.
normal Dual Daggers
masterwork Dual Daggers

Vesper weapons

Good news :)
All Vesper weapons has been added. Note soul crystal collors may be inacurate.
You can view them in the weapon list under normal weapons.


A simple vitality calculator has been added.
Please note that it may not be 100% accurate, but it should give you an idea how it works.

You can see it here.

Clan skills updated

All clan, residence and squad skills has been updated with the new skill descriptions and clan lvl 10 squad skills are now complete with the needed reputation points and items needed to learn.

Clan skills
Residence skills
Squad skills

Major updates

Weapon lists has been updated to include the new crystal value of the Dynasty and Icarus weapons along with the new matk value of 2 Handed mage weapons and new patk values of Dynasty and Icarus duals.

Common weapons
Normal weapons
Masterwork weapons

S84 Vesper weapons will be added within a week or two.

Dynasty and Icarus weapon recipes and Dynasty armor/jewel recipes has been updated with the new materials cost and Sigils (Arcana S-grade and Dynasty S80-grade) recipes has also been added.


You can search for the recipe you want to look at or click on the "9" to get to lvl 9 craft recipes where the new/updated items are located.

Skill updates

All new skill descriptions from Gracia Final™ has been added/updated.

Dark Elves

Clan lvl 11 skills has been added. You can view them here.

Site updates

All new skills from Gracia Final™ has been added.
The skill descriptions may be different from the current descriptions on the PTS, but will get updated closer to the launch of Gracia Final™ on the live servers.

All maps has been updated to Gracia Final™ and new maps has been added. Enjoy :)

Clan skills added

15 of 29 voters on the official forum voted for clan skills to be added to the site and some also wanted the residential skills.

Well here they are, but please note that I need some help from the community to supply me with the missing data for the various skills that you see has a "Missing data" status.
Send me (Rohirrim) a private message on the official forum if you got some information you want to share.

Weapons added (Updated)

After a long time without any updates I have finaly found some time to add all the normal weapons and also added the attack speed of most of the weapons.

All Masterwork weapons has also been added. Enjoy :)

Abralester skills fixed

GabrielK at the official forum made me aware of a mistake in the Abralester skill list as well as a missing skill.
This has been corrected and the missing skill has been added.

Also I temporary removed the weapons from the site since many of the soul crystal information was incorrect. I hope to have this fixed soon.

New user interface

New user interface has been added to the weapon sites and hopefully I will have completed all 2 handed normal weapons by the end of the week.

Weapons updates

All common weapons has been added.
Bow, duals and fist type weapons has been added to the normal weapon list.
Changed the user interface in the menus until I have added all the weapons and completed the final user interface on the weapon site itself.

Sorry for the huge delay, but my studies have high priority.


The implementation of all the weapons is taking longer than I expected so I will add them as I finish the different modules.
1st weapon type to be added is the Kamael 2 handed swords called Ancient Swords.

I decided not to add the PvP type of the weapons since all it says in their description is "Increases damage inflicted during PvP."

I will try to add one new weapon category every day or every 2nd day until they are all added.

Chaotic Throne 2 Gracia - part 1 skills

All skills for all classes has been updated to Chaotic Throne 2 Gracia - part 1 and the preview site has been removed.

A small correction was made from the preview site. You will now correctly see if the skill is passive, toggle, physical or magical type.

And as always, send me (Rohirrim) a private message at the official Lineage2 forum if you see any mistakes.

Slow progress

I won't be able to release the weapons and armor module during the launch of Chaotic Throne 2 due to lack of free time.
I am hoping to have them added before September 1st unless something else comes up.

The skill lists will be given a final update/check during the downtime for the launch of Chaotic Throne 2 Gracia - part 1 and the temporary site that was created for the Chaotic Throne 2 skills during PTS period will be removed.
More info about this on launch day.


Lineage2 Info Central now has a logo.
Many thanks to Alyra at NCSoft for sending me this great logo.

Chaotic Throne 2 skill preview updated

All Kamael skills are added to the Chaotic Throne 2 Gracia - part 1 preview site.
It took some extra time to add the Kamael skills since the original skill list I had contained alot of mistakes and missing skills, but that should be corrected now.
Some corrections has been made to the skills that requires HP to be used.

Please let me know in the official forum (Rohirrim) if you see any mistakes with the skills.

Chaotic Throne 2 skill preview

I have added a temporary module ("Skills (CT2)") where all skills (except Kamael skills) are updated to Chaotic Throne 2 Gracia - part 1.
The temporary site will be removed the day Chaotic Throne 2 goes live and hopefully I have managed to update the Kamael skill list by then.

Also the Google search engine has been re added to the site after placing 200 url's with adena ads to the block list.

Please let me know in the official forum (Rohirrim) if you see any mistakes with the skills.


An error was found when trying to calculate the amount of shots and crafts when entering the amount of ore/crystals and also calculating the number of crafts when entering just the amount of shots you want.
It is now fixed and works as intended again.

L2Tax & server status

Both L2Tax and server status works 100% correctly now after the merge.

Google search (temporary removed)

Google ads started to show adena ads so I decided to temporary remove the search engine until I get most of them filtered out.

If some of the buttons show without graphics try to refresh the site and it should be ok.

Site updates (updated)

The site has been updated to the new server setup.
And the map section under download has been updated with many high quality maps (some maps are up to 8.92MB)

Please note that L2Tax might not work correctly in the beginning until NCSoft has done the final site updates on their side.
Server status works normaly.

L2Craft updated

L2Craft has been completely rewritten to have better performance and smaller size.

It now also calculates the cost per shot and if you enter the craft shop price, it will calculate the total cost of crafting your shots at the craft shop and how much each shot will cost you (you will be surprised how little it affects the cost per shot).

Skills module updated

After getting a suggestion from LadyMoira I decided to add a little book icon next to the skill names that requires a spellbook to be learned.
The icon is shown on all the levels of the skill to make it easy to see what skill requires a spellbook, if you think it's confusing I can make it show on only the first level of the skill.

NOTE: It isn't 100% accurate as I couldn't find enough information on every skill. PM me ("Rohirrim") on the official forum if you see something missing or mistakes and I will correct it.

Recipes added!!

The recipe module has been added. It contains all the recipes I could find information for and should be 100% accurate with exception of the MP cost to craft. Send a PM to "Rohirrim" on the official Lineage2 forum if you see any mistakes or have the correct MP values.
L2Tax and skill modules has been given a minor update to add a "to top" link to make it faster to reach the top of the site again.

Site updates

L2Craft has been added. It lets you calculate the amount of adena and materials you need to craft your shots.
L2Tax has also been given a facelift and a small update to make it easier to add/remove servers as needed. Use the menu to select a server.
Some small corrections has been made to some of the skills.


Welcome to my Lineage 2 fan site.
On this site you will find information about server status, Skills and L2Tax (tax rates and soul/spirit ore prices for all the NPC shops).